Monday, April 16, 2007

I've Stopped Buying Now

At least for a while. Perhaps a long while (It's 15cm / 6" high by the way).
The beautiful thing is, my love is very happy to not need be concerning himself about presents, so I don't have to feel guilty anymore. In fact, I think I'm proud to have made his life just that little bit easier.
He's so (laff and laff) funny. Even though we like almost everything the same... same movies, same pictures, same books, same decorations, same places, same activities, same sporty-type fun things to do, same colours, same destinations, same not-sporty-type things to do or not do, same paper, same ink, same chocolates, same couch, same bed, same people, same lots of things... he can never think of a suitable present. Ha ha ha! I used to try and get him to go it alone, but the stress, the anxiety, the hilarious non-comprehension has made me see the error of my ways.
When my Mum had a jewellery shop, you'd get little kids come in to buy the $2 diamond and precious emerald/ruby rings for their Mum's with money that was hot because they'd been holding it in their little hands for ages while they looked around for that special something. My kids bought me a beautiful diamond and amethyst $2 ring which I still have. Then you'd get the other Mums who'd come in, buy themselves something and say it was from the kids for Mother's Day or something and we thought, where's the fun in that! So you see my point.

Sweety Pie Rattle La!

Darling little baby rattle. 15cm (6"). I love its little saggy nappy, so boopy! Marked "Knickerbocker Plastic Co. Glendale Calif. Des Pat Pend"

Gorgeous Powder Doll

Underneath this little blossom's bonnet are holes in her head to shake powder out. It apparently, or is thought to have come with powder inside and has no place to refill. She has her original pink dress. She cost too much but like I keep telling you... it's the one chance I have for guilt free shopping. 6 1/2" tall whatever that is in English. 18cm ish?
Actually I'm feeling a little bit guilty.

It's Gonna Be A Good Birthday

I've always disdained the idea of buying my own... or should I say choosing my own birthday presents, but it's the only excuse I can muster for buying these dolls. I might let Sadie play with this one if she's good and sits on the couch.

The Chicken I'm Counting Before It's Hatched

I didn't get it... the price went way too high and I have the other so it didn't matter too too much. You know what though... just now when I looked at her again I had a little pang. Sniff.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just Bought This

It's sortof almost nearly my birthday and it's all the excuse I need to let Ross indu;ge me in my latest indulgence. Can't help thinking the doll looks like Sadie. It's 'cuter' than usual... well... hmm.. I like cute, but not cutesy, if you get my drift. And this is borderline but I'm convinced in any case. I'm going to push for the cabinet later on in the year. Maybe I should have a go myself?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clown's Head

I scunged this off Mum too, good old Mum. I had it on top of the fridge for a while. You have to walk past that to go to the kiddies room and both my grandson, aged then about 5-6, and my beloved's daughter, aged about 15-16, didn't like it. Anna turned it's head around so it wasn't looking at you. Or, looking at her, rather. Ha ha ha!!
I'm not quite sure how to use it but I'll figure it out. May be that as is is the best way anyway.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bust I Begged From My Mum And Picture Ross McLeod Did Of It

My darling Grandma and my Mum each had one of these plaster busts. I had to beg but eventually, in her own good time, Mum gave me hers. She wouldn't give it to me unless she didn't want it anymore so don't think I bullied her or anything.

Ross McLeod drew her and I will too at some stage. I had thought to paint it fluro or something, but maybe I won't. Sometimes if a piece is bordering on cheesy it's good to give it some colour. Perhaps a pale, acrid green? Depends on where she sits and in this rented house we have onlywalls of bland, awful, buttery, creamy, yellowish horribleness.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Made My Beloved (Try To) Buy This For Me...

I had to edit the post because I was counting my chickens before they hatched and someone snuk in and bought it while I slept in! I would have bid too, because I'd grown attached and that's how it works eh? You put something on 'Watch' and go look every now and then which makes you develop a relationship with the item...