Friday, March 30, 2007

This Is The Best

The very best. My nearest and dearest bought it for me for Christmas. He liked a different one but eventually caved under my persistant choice of this! Funny boy, makes me laff and laff! Should have bought both, one each. The other was Beswick and not carnival... if you were wondering. I miss it.
This beautiful thing stands 42cm high (17") and ought to be filled with Gladioli. In a perfect world.

Me And Andy Know The Score

Someone saw these and told me Andy Wahol had had a collection of old bicky barrells too. Maybe it's true and maybe it's not? I've had these for years and years. Had no intention of collecting a set, they just happened by. I've seen others, different, magnificent, but expensive. One big gorgeous rabbity barrell was $120 and I nearly cracked.
Most of the stuff on this site is in the kitchen or waiting for rotation in a cupboard. I like a bit of decadence elsewhere, like the Rabbit Cushion.

And These Are The Others My Daughter Gave Me

I wasn't sure about them at first but they've grown on me tremendously.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

That Ebay Again

Stuck at a computer all day with nothing much to do except play on eBay... I tried not to buy it but it was too... well, you know... too right. I'm fussy though and don't you think I'm not. I don't buy stuff willy-nilly and I don't 'collect' as such, but every now and then I fall in love with an idea...
I imagined a cabinet that my beloved ought to make me. If he truly loved me he would.
Like I said I tried not to buy it. Cheap, yet, it adds up and I'm trying not to spend anything at all. But the sign said 'finishes soon', then 'sooner' and I crumbled to her obvious charms.
She's a good match to these.
And well, these little things, the ordinary, cheap toys are the one's that disappear. They rarely survive intact, loved to death and insignificant. The toys of the poor. I'm doing my bit for history. Like my old collection of aprons (now gone to a large and worthy collection owned by Wanda McPhearson). I could go on...