Saturday, April 29, 2006

Giraffe With Diamonte Bracelet

I love Giraffe. My eldest daughter does too. And over my dead body, she can have it! The bracelet belonged to my maternal grandmother, Nanna (Lucy Ellen Dickenson) who died when I was eight years old along with both of my grandfathers (not together). She and my paternal grandfather shared my birthday, or I theirs. I thought you should know.
I have another 'green ware' piece. I've given a few big beautiful vases away since I moved out of Kejoma. There, the walls were an exquisite, warm, terracotta colour. By no means over the top, and the kitchen was green, so the vases looked amazing in the lounge room (terracotta). I miss the rich beauty of the house and hope one day to replicate it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I've Had These Gals For Ages But Thought I'd Share

I'm pretty good like that.

Robot Girl (top) and Un-named Girl (above)
They came from op shops and I think, apart from the darling show dolls, that they are the best dolls ever. I decided not to crop too much around the image so you could get a glimpse of the succulent collection in the garden.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Green Vase

I bought this vase from a garage sale. Supposedly it had belonged to the woman's grandmother, and maybe it did? Who am I to disbelieve?
I wasn't going to buy it because of an excellent dedication to saving money I had going on... but... my kitchen was almost the same green, and the style was too perfectly in style, in my style... and it's in such good nick. I talked her down from $25, thinking, if she doesn't take $20 I won't get it. I love green things.

Big eyed Bambi